Why You Should Outsource Your QA, Testing, Test Automation Services

As we venture into the second quarter of this year, continued digitalization of business of all sizes and popularity of process-oriented delivery models such as devops, continuous integration and continues delivery etc have led to increasing complexity of software. As a result, this has substantially increased the costs of quality assurance and testing activities, usage of testing tools, maintenance of testing infrastructure, overall QA services, and most importantly to find and retain highly skilled testers and test automation engineers to implement them.

It is anybody’s guess that the costs and loss of business opportunities associated with botched applications are at their peak and can make a huge dent your chances as enterprises not just due to financial reasons, but also with your company’s brand image. As a result, this has greatly increased the importance of QA, testing and test automation within the SDLC.

Irrespective of whether you already have an in-house QA testing team or the dev company that builds your application have their own testing team, choosing to outsource the QA, testing and test automation services to an independent and third-party software testing vendor can make a lot sense both from a financial as well as technical perspective. Let’s look at some of the primary reasons and benefits, why outsourcing QA services to an independent third-party company with Quality Assurance and Testing Services expertise can prove to be a game changing decision for organizations.

1. Skillset, Experience and Expertise

Skilled QA and testing requires certain amount of experience and expertise. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you choose a reputed, client-certified, award-winning QA Services provider who is not only well-established but also accomplished in the field of QA, testing and advanced test automation.

Your own in-house QA team may not be as well-equipped with the latest technological trends, QA best practices, and testing strategies as a reputed third-party QA Services vendor. And if you happen to have hired an outside software development firm to get your application developed, their own QA and testing practices are often inadequate and as a responsible business you would probably want the QA services to be handled by a more dedicated team who are better-equipped at the job. Hence, a specialist QA services partner can bring the best-in-class testing resources for your project.

2. Easier Scalability and Reduced Cost of Acquisition

This is perhaps the most important reason why smart businesses are opting to outsource their entire QA and testing services to specialist third-party QA service providers. By doing so, they can immediately hire an expert team of QA testing specialists without having to go through the painful process of advertising, interviewing, hiring, training them before they can be ready.

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Similarly, when a project is successfully completed you as a business can simply stop utilizing the services of your QA services partner and decommission their services without having to worry about what to do if you were using your own in-house QA testing team.

3. Focus on Your Core Business

By letting your Testing Services partner do the heavy-lifting as far as performing the QA, software testing and test automation solutions are concerned you are in effect allowing yourself to focus on your core business, on how to market it to your right audience and generate revenue without worrying about how to assure the quality of your software application and without worrying if it fails during a critical investor demo session.

4. Cost-Effectiveness of QA Services

Reduced and a more manageable cost of testing is often a significant factor to consider, however, it should not become the primary reason to hire amateur QA testing service providers as it can result in much costlier engagement in the longer run.

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That is why, it is always recommended to opt for an outsourcing QA services company who are well-recognized and have delivered exceptional service in the past.

5. Conclusion

In today’s competitive world, enterprises are in acute need of robust and user-centric applications that are not only functional but also amaze their intended end-users.

To ensure the highest quality and to avoid unforeseen issues in production after release, quality assurance and testing should be considered as an independent service that should be undertaken by third-party teams or companies who are not in the same company that build your software.

This is why, outsourcing your QA and testing project can enable your organization to concentrate on your core business activities and innovation, whereas the QA and testing partner works expertly, ensuring high-quality outcomes and positive business results.

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