Case Study: CRM Testing of Automotive Enterprise Software

About the Customer

The client is a multinational company (MNC), headquartered in Germany and is offering popular enterprise software products and services targeted at the automotive and automobile industry all over the globe. The client has presence in over 90 countries and their company serve to nearly 3,000 auto dealerships of car manufacturers and over 100,000 end-users. The client’s Automotive Enterprise Software product is being used by top automobile brands such as Volvo, BMW, Ford Motors, Lincoln Motors, OPEL and the Volkswagen Group.

The Challenge (CRM Testing of Automotive Enterprise Software)

While developing its patented CRM product for various auto manufacturers, car dealers and automotive importers, the Customer was searching for a dependable quality assurance (QA) and software testing services vendor. Since their CRM product was based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, previous experience and expertise in testing of CRM were very important. The customer selected CredibleSoft, an award winning CRM testing service provider, to perform end-to-end testing of their automotive enterprise software.

Solution Provided by CredibleSoft’s QA, Testing Team

The CRM software was meant to automate sales lead management, optimize customer inquiry processing, and facilitate better customer engagement and loyalty — all of these related to the automobile industry. These functions and requirements were then translated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM (hosted as well as on-premise). The application had customized CRM functions, features and workflows. The product was also integrated with Microsoft Office and a third-party automotive-specific enterprise system. The third-party enterprise system for warehouse and accounting management was running on Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

CredibleSoft’s dedicated CRM testing team for this project worked on this for a period of 21 months. During the time of association, anywhere between 3 to 10 CRM testing experts were involved in this project at various times. The team identified the following  areas as the scope of tested functionality:

– Customized forms of for sales leads, business opportunities, customers, placed orders, contracts etc.
– Business flows for all the CRM objects.
– Dashboards for all the user roles such as the Sales Backoffice, Sales Team Members, Sales Manager, Lead Generation Manager, Case Manager, Marketing Manager etc.
– All the templates used for custom reporting
– Integration testing of the third-party enterprise warehousing and accounting system that was running on Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

To reduce time of testing, minimize human errors, avoid too many regression issues and facilitate faster time to market, a significant part of CRM testing was automated in this project.

The End Result

At the end, the customer was able to successfully add another competitive CRM product to their impressive line of automotive software products. This customized customer & vehicle relationship system became a successful value addition to their proprietary suite of enterprise CRM solutions that cater to the automotive industry. They went on to first integrate this CredibleSoft tested CRM product at one of the popular European car dealerships of a €75b+ car manufacturer. The CRM product has since then been introduced at many large-scale car dealer networks all over the globe.

Technology Stack and Tools That Were Used

Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Team Foundation Service, Workflows, Microsoft Test Manager, Coded UI Test, C#, JavaScript.