Cloud-based SaaS App Development

What are Software as a Service (SaaS) Applications and Why is SaaS Framework Popular among Startups?

Are you a business looking to convert or migrate existing legacy application to a web app served on SaaS model? Are you searching for the best framework for SaaS applicationsAre you a Startup looking to hire the best SaaS Development Company for your next awesome app? Software as a Service or SaaS applications is the popular business solution delivery model where instead of selling a client-server product, the application is instead hosted remotely on the solution provider’s cloud infrastructure and then offered to the solution provider’s customers as a web application available on a subscription basis. Hence, with a SaaS application development model of software delivery, the users don’t require to download or install any product and can start using the application via just a browser or mobile app. This ease of delivery and non-dependence on downloading and installing the software solution is what has made SaaS a preferred development model for many Startups today.

Thus the SaaS app development model saves a lot of time and resource that would otherwise be spent on package development, upgrades, package distribution, marketing, and end-user/client conversion. Hence for organizations and Startups, it makes a lot of business sense to hire a leading SaaS Development Services Company that offers end-to-end Custom SaaS software development services spanning across SaaS strategy, design and development efforts.

Advantages of Using the Best SaaS Application Development Company

Are you looking for a reliable SaaS application development service provider company with strong technical expertise in developing and launching end-to-end Software-as-a-service (SaaS) products and solutions? We at CredibleSoft. are experts in helping Startups and Enterprise Product owners bring their products to a SaaS development model. We build a SaaS PHP, .NET, and Java app from scratch. SaaS has proven to be a highly reliable cloud-based delivery platform. SaaS supports subscription-based pricing models that are more efficient than license-based direct payment. Here are some clear benefits of using a SaaS model and why you should consider CredibleSoft as your SaaS development company:

Faster Customer Adoption Rate

Our SaaS app development framework provides faster access to the end-users. The customers of a SaaS solution need not bother about time, disk space or even license-specific restrictions while using the solutions. As long as they have a steady internet connection and a web browser (or mobile app), they are good to go.

Seamless Upgrades with No Infrastructure Overheads

With products that are offered as SaaS solutions, customers will no longer have to download upgrades, patches and any sort of additional software bundles. Similarly, they don’t have to be bothered with buying any new hardware, server space or infrastructure etc to ensure they can still use the upgraded product

Lower Cost for Product Owners

SaaS effectively cuts the entire cost of product delivery by as much as half and allows you, as a product owner to implement the most efficient on-premise business solutions.

Why to Choose CredibleSoft as Your SaaS Development Company?

We’ve Plenty of Experience Launching Startups

We have worked with a number of founders and we ensured that many of them went on to become very successful as a business and even a handful of them became outright Unicorns! We have expertise with helping startups right from the stage of ideation to development to implementation to launch to support. As one of the top SaaS development company, we truly understand what it takes to create a successful product from scratch.

End to End High Quality SaaS Solutions

We offer top-quality support during the entire development life-cycle of your SaaS application development. We guide you through every steps along the way while we help with your SaaS application development.

Expertise in Working With Leading Cloud Infrastructure Service Providers

Be it Google Apps, Amazon AWS, Amazon Web Services, RackSpace Hosting, Digital Ocean or Microsoft Windows Azure, we have the experience and expertise of working with them all for building SaaS applications.

Time is Money and We Understand This Well

We not only deliver the SaaS applications with utmost sincerity but also ensure that we deliver the project on time, and on budget. This has made us one of the most sought after SaaS application development services companies.

All the SaaS Application we Develop Goes Through a Strict QA Process

Just like any other applications, each SaaS product that we build for our customers are made to go through a series of strict QA and testing processes and this ensures a highly functional and usable product that goes out to the end users.

Responsive UI That Works on Every Device, Screen Resolution and OS

All the SaaS application that develop for our clients use our proprietary SaaS Application Development framework and are responsive in nature. This ensure that your SaaS applications appears crystal sharp and responsive on any device and any screen resolution, irrespective of the OS.

Types of SaaS Application Development Services We Offer

We at CredibleSoft, have expertise in offering SaaS Web App and SaaS Mobile App solutions for your business. This has helped us become one of the most sought after and top SaaS development companies in the region.

SaaS Web Application Development

We have strong expertise in developing SaaS web applications. Our SaaS web app development team develop Software-as-a-service (SaaS) web applications using the latest tools and modern technologies.

SaaS web applications are browser-based software that are hosted in the cloud. These web applications don’t need the end-users to download or install any software on their local machines.

However, since these SaaS web apps are run using web browsers, they need a constant Internet connection. As the app and the database reside on the cloud, the user is not required to install the application on their local computers.

The main benefits of a SaaS web application is that the vendor can sell the application on subscription-based pricing models. This makes the SaaS web application very cost-efficient for the end user. Furthermore, the end users are not required to apply software updates locally as the app gets updated globally on the cloud server.

SaaS Mobile Application Development

We have years of expertise in developing SaaS mobile applications. Our SaaS mobile app development team develop Software-as-a-service (SaaS) mobile applications using the latest tools and modern technologies.

We offer most powerful custom Saas Mobile App development services with very affordable rates. We offer SaaS mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms.

Our SaaS Mobile apps can be run online as well as offline. These mobile apps are hosted on browser-less cloud on native mobile OS interface in SaaS iOS or Android mobile app installation. Some of the mobile app data resides on the devices’ local storage itself.

Hire our expert SaaS mobile app developers for building top quality mobile apps tat come with highest level of data security, smart backup feature. Our mobile apps offer in-depth customization and user-level personalization.