How to Choose the Best Software Testing Service Providers for QA Outsourcing

Quality assurance, software testing and test automation are often the most overlooked piece of the SDLC process. There are certain key aspects to consider before outsourcing QA and Software Testing Services. It is very important to understand how outsourcing the QA testing and test automation activities can benefit your business.

We discussed the benefits of outsourcing QA Services to a specialist Software Testing Company in our previous article. Now that we have discussed about “why a business should outsource their QA, software testing services to an offshore software testing company“, it’s time to discuss “how to select the best offshore software testing company for outsourcing quality assurance activities“.

What You Should Know Before Outsourcing Software Quality Assurance & Testing Services in 2024

Outsourcing the software testing activities to a specialized, independent testing company can prove to be a winning strategy for your business. QA outsourcing can benefit your business a lot if it is planned and executes correctly. These simple but often overlooked tips can help you in selecting the best testing company that suits your QA outsourcing needs.

But even when you’ve decided to outsource QA and software testing services, have a clear plan, and know what tests you want to performed and which tests need to be automated, the process of choosing the best offshore QA, software testing, test automation service provider partner can be daunting because many of those companies and their services sound very similar. Use this guide to choose the best offshore outsourcing software testing company who can perform offshore QA testing tasks for your project.

Here is How To Select The Best Offshore Software Testing Company for Outsourcing QA Services

This simple 5 point checklist sums up the most important things to keep in mind while shortlisting, selecting and choosing the right strategic software testing company partner who can provide you with the best possible QA, software testing outsourcing services within your budget and on time, without compromising on the quality of their service.

1. Industry Experience is Important… and So is Technical Proficiency

To maximize the ROI of your project and to maximize payback, choosing to outsource your quality assurance work to a testing company that has relevant industry experience is almost as important as their technical proficiency, ability to work with various latest technologies and tools. However, at the outset it may be difficult to judge the level of industry expertise that your testing partner may possess. Hence, clients should ensure that the software testing providers have sufficient experience working with past projects, have proper on-boarding programs and have ongoing technology training.

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Thus a team of QA testing professionals who truly understand how your business works not only will add tremendous value to testing, but also can help prioritize quality assurance efforts to ensure that the functionality with the highest level of business impact will get the highest testing priority.

2. Lowest Rate is NOT Equal to Lowest Total Cost of Engagement

The most common fallacy while outsourcing any sort of software service and not just QA, testing services is that, as a business you must religiously search for firms, vendors and outsourcing partners with the lowest rate cards, right? Wrong!

It is often observed that most of the testing companies offering cheapest and lowest rates for their quality assurance services are actually firms with testers who are trainees, new recruits and employees with minimal to no past experience when it came to testing and test automation.

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It is easy to be tempted to select a QA testing company who is offering you a virtual army of mediocre testers for what appears like a very attractive price, but from our experience, hiring a smaller team of rock-star, award winning testers is more effective than relying on a large pool of untrained test engineers. Hence, keep this point in mind while sourcing your next offshore software testing company.

3. Does the QA Services Provider Follow a Testing Framework and Best Practices?

Always make it a practice to request a prospective software testing vendor to provide a list of unique IP, testing framework and best practices it can bring to your project. You’d want a testing company that has executed similar quality assurance projects several times before and has a mature practice at place from its years of experience and proven track record in completing projects successfully.

They should by now have a clear set of best practices, accelerators, testing methodologies, and automation tool kits. Having these assets available already will help accelerate your quality assurance efforts and thus reduce time to market.

4. Is the Software Testing Company Agile?

For several years now, the role of testing and quality assurance in agile development environments is well defined. But still there are many organizations who find it tough while integrating testing into their agile development methods.

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This is why you must choose a testing partner that can easily fit into your existing delivery model, create and integrate a test strategy that can easily be integrated into your continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines.

5. Choosing the Right Engagement Model from the QA, Testing Company

Finally, look for testing services vendors who are flexible when it comes to engagement models. Each project is unique and hence being offered with just one or two engagement models to pick from may not be fair. Depending on the project’s size, complexity, expected duration, technology stack being used and a lot of other factors choose a QA services provider with at least 3-4 engagement models and carefully pick one that suits you best.


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