eCommerce Testing Services

What is eCommerce Testing?

Electronic commerce or ecommerce (also known as eCommerce) is a business model that helps commercial firms and individuals conduct business over electronic networks, e.g. the Internet. Today when virtually everything is available online, eCommerce is reinventing the commercial world by driving positive and impactful changes in the traditional market. Ecommerce testing services and e-Commerce testing companies have gained popularity over the past few years with the recent ecommerce evolution and growth of online merchant stores. The eCommerce or online retail business always depends on online customers. Thus it is absolutely critical for businesses & organizations to offer websites that offer positive & hassle free online shopping experience.

Consumers today expect eCommerce platforms to be Easier to use, Faster, and Super Secure. If your online shopping portal has any shortcoming then it can benefit your competitor, thus negatively affecting the conversion rate and driving away revenue. To avoid such situation, eCommerce testing services must be employed in order to ensure a commercial friendly website that is not only easy to use but also is very secure and uses latest, innovative eCommerce technologies. A good eCommerce testing services provider company can help with this by helping online merchants to deliver top quality retail websites, web app and software solutions that are safe, secure, user-friendly, highly functional and thus create a pleasant online shopping experience. Irrespective of whichever popular ecommerce development framework (e.g. Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, Kentico or Umbraco) was used to develop a particular merchant site, employing specialized ecommerce testing services from a reputed ecommerce testing agency can often result in a successful business outcome.

Advantages and Benefits of Hiring the Best eCommerce Testing Company

As one of the best e-Commerce testing companies in India, USA and UKCredibleSoft leverages comprehensive software testing frameworks and state-of-the-art, advanced eCommerce technologies to deliver best E-commerce website testing services. Our ecommerce testers use qualitative tools to execute software testing of your eCommerce websites, applications & software. CredibleSoft’s patented cross-browser test accelerators, futuristic ecommerce testing methodologies, Selenium and Appium based hybrid test automation framework for web & mobile and open-source based load & performance testing solutions help our ecommerce customers with building and maintaining top quality web stores. Some of the benefits of our eCommerce testing services are:

– Ensuring that the eCommerce websites that are being tested are safe and secure.
– Delivering a high quality and hassle free online shopping experience.
– Increasing online customer’s trust by offering transparency of buying process.
– Ensuring higher number of leads, better conversion, reduced shopping cart abandonment and higher sales.
– Verifying and improving the loading time, usability, accessibility of the eCommerce websites.

Why Choose CredibleSoft as Your eCommerce Testing Services Provider Company?

Our expert eCommerce testing services have helped many online merchants to securely manage their online customer data and to drastically improve the overall performance of their online eCommerce stores. Our specialized ecommerce testing offerings are backed by years of experience working with hundreds of leading ecommerce platforms around the world and are built to deliver top quality ecommerce web software products.

– UI and User Experience Testing

We provide expert UI and UX testing of ecommerce websites using proven frameworks, in-house test artifacts, latest toolkits. Our proprietary ecommerce testing checklists help us with performing automated UI validation across devices, OEMs, browsers, platforms and O/S.

– Holiday Readiness Testing

We leverage advanced and open-source performance testing tools for improving ecommerce application performance. This helps with assuring holiday readiness of your ecommerce platform and a 99.99% response time.

– PCI Preparedness

Our pre-defined ecommerce testing checklists ensure readiness of eCommerce portals for PIC DSS certification. We also prepare threat models and perform test execution using Certified Ethical Hackers.

– Credit Card Testing

We test using all types of valid, invalid and expired credit cards for authenticity. We also verify credit card number and user account to ensure safe online transaction. Performing testing for credit cards helps ensure the trust-worthiness and the safety of the ecommerce web application.

– Ecommerce Automation Testing

We make conscious efforts to implement system-level automation testing as much as possible. This helps with faster release cycles, lesser defect slippage and a more robust ecommerce application that is less susceptible to failure.

Key Features of CredibleSoft’s eCommerce Testing Services

Stress, Load and performance testing
– Code review
System-level automation testing
– Usability and User experience testing
– Sanity testing of E-commerce applications and website
– Payment gateway and credit card testing
– Surveillance testing
– A/B testing
– Regression testing and addressing defect testing
Security testing
Functional testing
– End-to-End E-commerce functionality testing
Multi-device and browser compatibility testing
– Analytics, data and backend testing
– Order management and shopping cart testing

Tools and Technologies:

In addition to regular functional testing, performance testing and security testing tools, Google Analytics Content Experiments, ClickHeat, Crazy Egg, FiveSecondTest, Spur, Optimizely,, Google PageSpeed Insights, BrowserStack, CrossBrowserTesting, SauceLabs, Xenu Link Sleuth, SEOmoz are some of the specialized eCommerce testing tools that we use.

Profilers, Database and Web Server Monitoring Tools:

Depending on a given eCommerce application requirement, we also develop custom performance testing tools to simulate required performance and stress conditions.