Performance Testing Services

Today, stiff competition between rival organizations is the order of the day. At such time, ensuring that your web apps, mobile apps and software are able to function without any performance bottlenecks or loading issues is absolutely crucial. Hence, it is critical for organisations to recognize the importance of performance engineering and to invest in performance testing services. Performance testing is a type of non-functional testing and is a vital part of the overall software testing process. As part of performance testing efforts, the scalability, stability, and speed of an application is tested under a pre-defined workload to ensure top notch performance without any downtime or service unavailability.

Without an efficient performance testing methodology for evaluating application behavior and system performance under real life stress situations, they are vulnerable to catastrophic server slowdowns and application failures that can potentially cripple productivity, drive away first-time as well as old customers and result in irreparable loss of revenue and company reputation. Hence to be successful, every business today needs an effective software performance testing service to mitigate such challenges.

Advantages and Benefits of Hiring the Best Performance Testing Services Company

Performance testing, when done efficiently, is capable of determining the responsiveness, stability, reliability, and scalability of an application under both normal and anticipated peak load conditions. This helps identifying the maximum operating capacity of the application and potential conditions that may cause service disruption. By making sure your application was subjected to expert performance testing, you can have the following advantages and benefits.

– EARLY DETECTION OF PERFORMANCE ISSUES. Our performance testing process finds responsiveness issues and performance problems very early in the software development cycle. This not only avoids last minute hassle but also saves time and revenue.

– ASEESS PRODUCTION READINESS. Use expert performance engineering service to assess the production readiness of your application and achieve performance goals and stress condition requirements.

– COMPARE PERFORMANCE OF MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS. Use performance testing to compare performance metrics of several applications or system parameters.

– ANALYZE ROOT CAUSE. Employing a performance testing company to assess your application’s performance bottlenecks helps finding the root cause of major performance vulnerabilities that can impact the desired performance quality.

– PROTECT BRAND REPUTATION. Using performance testing to identify and patch performance issues helps protect against loss of your brand’s reputation. It is important to note that while it takes years of hard work to build your brand value and reputation, the same can be damaged within minutes by a server downtime or application failure during a product launch, for example.

Why Choose CredibleSoft as Your Performance Testing Services Provider Company?

CredibleSoft’s performance testing services employ an end-to-end approach to performance engineering. Our performance testing services include capacity planning, baseline test, load testing, stress testing, endurance testing and benchmarking against top competitors, real-time monitoring of production system and performance consulting. Why let slow application performance negatively affect your business reputation, revenue, credibility, and customer satisfaction? At CredibleSoft, we leverage our years of experience in systematic performance engineering practices that we introduce early into the software development life cycle to ensure that application performance is reliable under normal as well as extreme operating conditions.


Load testing is perhaps the simplest form of all types of performance testing. Here, the behavior of the application is evaluated under a pre-defines workload. This is done with the assistance of load testing tools. Load testing effectively ensures that the application performs efficiently and expectedly when there is an unforeseen increase in the load.


Stress testing is a type of performance testing activity that is performed to evaluate the behaviour of the application beyond its normal threshold limit. The objective of stress testing is to identify the upper limit of the software capacity. Stress testing not only identifies the breaking point of the system but also evaluates how efficiently it is able to recover back from that breaking point.


In volume testing, a substantially large amount of data is inserted into the database to be processed and then the application’s behaviour is evaluated. The main objective of volume testing is to determine the amount of data that can be safely handled by the software application.


In soak or endurance testing, a particular amount of load is subjected to the application under test for a long period of time and then the application’s behaviour is evaluated. The main objective of soak testing is to determine the stability and performance of the software under certain load over a long period of time.


Spike testing is performed to determine the behavior of the application when a sudden and substantial amount of load is applied. The aim of spike testing is to determine how the application responds to an unexpected rise and fall of user load and whether the application will be able to handle such dramatic change in load.


Scalability testing is performed to evaluate the application’s ability and efficiency in scaling up to handle gradual rise in user load, increased processing power and architectural or server-level changes. It is a type of non-functional testing to determine the point at which the application will prevent further scaling.

Key Features of CredibleSoft’s Performance Testing Services

Our performance testing expertise spans the following performance engineering activities:

– Performance Strategy Development
– Architecture Performance Review
– Implementation and Code Review
– Performance Testing
– Performance Monitoring
– Stress Testing
– Load Testing
– Volume Testing
– Endurance Testing
– Scalability Testing
– Soak Testing
– Capacity Planning
– Performance Analysis
– Performance Bottlenecks Identification
– Performance Tuning
– Performance Benchmarking

Tools and Technologies:

HP LoadRunner, JMeter, Microsoft VSTS, AppPerfect, OpenSTA are some of the performance testing tools that we use.

Profilers, Database and Web Server Monitoring Tools:

Depending on a given application requirement, we also develop custom performance testing tools to simulate required performance and stress conditions.