Case Study: Software Testing & QA Services for Online Casino, Slot Games & iGaming Platform

About the Customer

The Customer is is a Canadian based leading online casino, online betting games, slots games, iGaming and online gambling company. It provides a variety of casino games through websites, web applications and mobile apps. The client operates internationally with licences to operate in 17 countries across Europe and North America. Their wide range online casino products offer their users various platforms to play online slots, video Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, and many more online casino games!

The Challenge (Online Casino & iGaming Platform)

Our online casino client sought to tighten the overall quality assurance practices for its customer facing digital iGaming platforms and improve the user experience. The client hired CredibleSoft’s professional online casino testing service for their online casino platforms. Facing the challenges of a limited in-house team, an ongoing talent shortage, incompetent QA and testing by their existing software vendor and an ineffective manual testing processes, our client struggled to manage their day-to-day business operations and mature their QA capabilities at the same time. Hence, they needed an agile and geographically optimised dedicated casino QA partner to accelerate their iGaming QA initiatives in order to achieve higher quality metrics that are critical to customer loyalty.

The following were the major challenges that the client was facing when they approached CredibleSoft to outsource their online casino testing & QA services:

– Day-to day QA management activities hindered business expansion and launching of new online casino brands and new iGaming platforms.
– Over-reliance on their existing software vendor for all the casino QA activities resulted in below-average product quality and caused inefficiencies and production defects.
– Limited time and resources to identify good casino QA testers, hire them and train them quickly to bring them up to speed.

For this project, we had to carefully evaluate not only the client’s online casino platform but also the third-party APIs and solutions such as their cashier and payment service providers and loyalty platform integration. Additionally, the client’s project had very limited formal documentation. Whatever minimal documentation existed, those were either half-baked, missing critical information or simply incomplete. To overcome this major challenge, our team created all the required documentation from the scratch both for the various QA process and the technical user manual as a part of post-development maintenance.

Solution Provided by CredibleSoft’s Casino & iGaming Platform QA, Testing Team

Three senior test engineers and one QA manager with online casino and iGaming testing experience were assigned for this project by CredibleSoft. They delivered top-quality functional and regression testing throughout the entire duration of the product development lifecycle and performed the go-live production testing. Our team designed and executed test suites using TestRail and managed defect tracking using JIRA. The project lasted for 9 months and the reputed casino client is currently having CredibleSoft’s QA team on monthly retainer to carryout maintenance testing work on a regular basis.

This online casino application testing project followed a strict agile methodology, and CredibleSoft QA team ensured a seamless integration via Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) models. Our QA team collaborated seamlessly with our client’s internal teams, including Project Manager, R&D Director, R&D Group Manager, R&D Team Leader, Product Owners (POs), Team Leaders, developer teams (front-end developers, back-end developers, QAs), and art teams (graphic designers, animators). CredibleSoft’s testing specialists participated in daily stand-up meetings (scrum), actively engaged in every sprint reviews and sprint retrospectives that were held at the completion of each sprint. The QA manager of CredibleSoft testing team managed the testing task coordination and distribution. We also took care of the analysis and estimation of time required for QA, testing activities in each of the bi-weekly sprints.

CredibleSoft’s QA team tested client’s casino gaming platform using Chrome, Safari and Firefox web browsers across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems. We also made sure that the casino products were thoroughly tested across all the 17 countries across Europe and North America, where our client had licences to operate. We used a combination of regression, and rapid exploratory testing methodologies for the project. We also used the Netsparker web scanner for in-depth VAPT and security checks. We covered QA for usability, UI/UX, functionality, security, performance, and system integrations.

Our testing team reported all the test results to the Customer via JIRA and provided defect reports to the development team. The Customer’s project team appreciated the application quality improvement by mentioning repeatedly that the product release ran smoothly and successfully during each release iterations.

The End Result

Our QA team managed to substantially improve the usability of the client’s iGaming platform that offered various online casino games. We also discovered the need to implement a few enhancements to the project’s codebase for elevating user experience improving scalability and tightening application security. With the expert Quality Assurance services from CredibleSoft testing team, the Client was able to successfully launch a highly immersive, easy to use and secure online casino gaming solution that garnered over 250,000 new user registration within first 3 months of launching. The application has been running successfully for 1+ years now. As of today, we continue to work with this reputed online casino game client as a full-time remote Quality Assurance team to validate all the changes that their development team implements in the project.

Technology Stack and Tools That Were Used

TestRail, Atlassian JIRA, Selenium Web Driver, Maven, TestNG, Appium, Android SDK, Xcode Instruments, AWS CodeCommit, BitBucket, Jenkins, Java, Netsparker, JMeter.