Mobile App Testing Services

Mobile Application Testing for Business Critical Applications

Are you looking for a mobile app testing services provider company that can offer comprehensive mobile app testing solutions? Believe it or not, mobile applications are seen as must-haves for businesses across sectors today. With the number of cellular devices such as smartphones and tablets quickly surpassing the number of human beings on the planet, making your software application mobile-ready is key to keeping today’s digital consumers satisfied. Due to this reason, for a business to be successful today, it is very important to not only develop user friendly mobile & responsive web applications, but also to ensure that they are highly functional, cross-device compatible, secure and perform well under load. However, with the wide range of mobile platforms, cellular devices and mobile networks, the complexity of mobile application testing services have grown manyfold.

Advantages and Benefits of Hiring the Best Mobile App Testing Company

CredibleSoft, with its state-of-the-art Mobile Test Lab, years of mobile app testing experience and expertise in modern mobile app automation testing tools, absolutely guarantees that the mobile app testing service is accurate, comprehensive and highly cost-effective. Our end-to-end mobile app testing services cover every aspect of software testing such as functional testing, security testing, performance testing, cross-device, cross-platform, cross-OS compatibility testing, usability testing and mobile app automation testing across a wide range of mobile devices, brands, models, network categories, operating systems, browsers, and even geographical locations. Some of the clear benefits of our mobile app testing services include:

– Highly repeatable tests eliminate risks and improve accuracy.
– Mobile app testing services across all verticals.
– Creation of comprehensive mobile app test strategy upfront allows cost reduction.
– Proprietary Cross Browser Test Automation Accelerator
– Expertise in popular mobile app test automation tools e.g. Appium, Calabash, Selendroid, Robotium, Monkeytalk etc.
– “Pay as you go” engagement model that saves considerably towards managing large variety of mobile devices.
– Expertise in testing mobile apps for native, hybrid, as well as responsive web apps.
– Highly talented and experienced mobile application testers.

Why Choose CredibleSoft as Your Mobile App Testing Services Provider Company?

We offer mobile app owners and publishers the ability to uncover app issues before their customers do. Our state-of-the-art mobile application testing solutions are fast, highly scalable, and as with our other software testing services, is focused on quality. We provide iOS app testing and Android app testing services on all possible device and network combinations around the globe.

Our Mobile Application Testing Services offer industry-leading expertise. We have a long-standing and proven track record of happy clients and this is possible since we truly understand their business needs for successful mobile app solutions. With the increasing usage of mobile devices, ensuring a top quality user experience is vital to customer satisfaction. CredibleSoft’s Mobile Testing Services not only provide organizations the opportunity to deliver high quality mobile solutions but also effectively reduce costs and time-to-market.

Our Mobile Testing Centers of Excellence (MTCoE) provide our clients with the access to a wide range of mobile devices / platforms, modern testing tools, in-house mobile test automation frameworks / libraries / test accelerators along with a host of other mobile testing expertise.

Our End-to-End Mobile App Testing Solutions

CredibleSoft has extensive experience in offering a wide variety of tests for applications built for Mobile devices. Some of these tests are – User Actions, Activity Interruption, On-board Memory, Mobile Accessories, Device Performance, User Interface, Device Compatibility, Network Type, App Installation, App Version Upgrades, Drive, Device Battery, Device Performance, Functional Testing, Device Carrier Testing, Geo-Fence, etc.

Mobile Application Testing

– Ensure that your mobile is launched with top quality functionality, usability, and performance.
– Deliver a near 99.99% defect-free mobile applications with 100% customer satisfaction.

Mobile Web Browser Testing

– Ensure wide compatibility of your responsive web design.
– Deliver superior web apps with hassle free services.

Mobile App Automation Testing

– Leverage in-house mobile test automation frameworks, libraries and test accelerators.
– Reduce manual mobile app testing efforts.
– Save cost and time.

Mobile App Functional Testing

– Not only just meet but also exceed your app’s design & requirement specifications.
– Closely emulate real user conditions while executing mobile tests.
– Leverage automated mobile app testing to reduce your application’s time-to-market.
– Top quality defect management and hassle free error reporting.

Mobile App Usability Testing

– Ensure that the mobile apps are user-friendly, easy to operate and intuitive.
– Greatly improve customer satisfaction and your app’s ratings in Google Play / iTunes stores.

Mobile App Performance Testing

– Benchmark and optimize your mobile app’s load, stress, spike, scalability, and stability testing parameters.
– Ensure your application’s performance under high user load.

Mobile Penetration & Security Testing

– Safeguard your mobile applications from potential security threats and hacking attempts.
– Offer safe and reliable mobile-based transactions to your customers.