IT Outsourcing Services; Reliability VS Cost-Effectiveness

How to Find Reliable, Honest, Cost-Effective IT Outsourcing Vendors

Finding Reliable, Honest, Cost-Effective IT Outsourcing Partners

Are you tired of looking for a reliable and honest Software Solutions Outsourcing partner who can provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality of work? Making the right decision and building a long-lasting, mutually beneficial outsourcing partnership can sometimes be a tough task for many business owners. In fact, the challenge of finding a reliable offshore company to outsource information technology or software solutions work is unfortunately very common. Here are some quick tips that you should take into consideration during IT and software outsourcing partner selection process.

However, most businesses often face a different dilemma. While with certain amount of research and market study it can be fairly straight-forward to find a list of potential outsourcing vendors for your IT needs, selecting the best of the lot can sometimes be tricky. This can leave you with questions like below:

– Should you go for the vendor who appears to be reliable, trust-worthy and has decent amount of positive testimonials from previous clients?
– Should you select the IT outsourcing partner who appears to be able to provide the most cost-effective IT solutions (read as: most affordable and least expensive)
– Should you look for a vendor who can some how provide both?

For many Software and IT companies who are considering outsourcing their IT services to new offshore partners, the toughest challenge is getting around the infamous ‘outsourcer mentality of offshore vendors’, which focuses largely on project pricing and short-term technical goals.

Why Outsourcing IT Services is all About Reliability, Cost-Effectiveness and Honesty?

There are certain steps that you as the client can take to facilitate better service from your outsourcing partner. Here are 3 key rules that should drive your every IT services outsourcing decision.

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Are their Software Outsourcing Services Reliable?

Luckily, verifying this should be fairly easy.

– Have one of your senior technical leads to interview some of the senior developers (and testers, in case you are outsourcing testing and QA work) from the outsourcing vendor.
– Make sure you request them to submit some of their previous work samples (as long as they don’t violate any non-disclosure agreements etc).
– Take a look at their portfolio.
– Give them a trial run and see how they handle the work.

Is Your Partner Honest and Trust-Worthy?

Verifying the credibility of their outsourcing service should be equally easy too:

– Take a look at their Testimonial page.
– Ask them if you could have contact details of some of their previous clients with whom you could verify those credentials.

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– Discuss about your company, your short and long term goals with your potential outsourcing vendors.
– Explain to them how your own IT team is set up and how you expect their staff members and IT resources to supplement yours.
– Instead of concentrating only on the offshore IT outsourcing service delivery, also discuss about addressing your business priorities.

Is their Solution Cost-Effective?

Finally, the project-pricing.

– Most outsourcing vendors have a mindset of lowest cost as deal-maker (this is unfortunately a result of the notorious price-sensitivity of most outsourcing clients).
– Explain to your vendor that while cost-effectiveness is important, the quality of their work, quality of their resources and reliability of their service is also equally important.

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In your IT services outsourcing experience, is there anything else that’s critical in outsourcing software solutions related services?