Core Testing Services

Enterprises and Business Organizations have started realizing the importance of core software and app testing processes as an integral part of the SDLC (software development life cycle). In fact, they are using specialized core testing services to successfully deliver critical business and technology solutions. Insufficient software testing efforts can substantially increase business risks and can reduce revenues due to unexpected system failures and downtimes. Thus complete lack of core testing activities or using mediocre testing efforts can not only lead to wastage of time and resources but also can result in significantly higher application maintenance costs and stakeholder frustration. With specialised business assurance becoming a key area, enterprises have started focusing on their core testing and QA (Quality Assurance) practices to support this shift from “completing software projects” to “delivering successful business solutions.”

At CredibleSoft, as one of the best core testing companies and QA service providers, we offer the best possible quality, stability, and top-notch usability via our quality assurance and core testing services at an affordable price. Our team of rock-star testers, award-winning automation engineers and quality assurance experts empower us to offer an wide range of independent software product, application testing and QA services. This ensures end-to-end verification of all business-critical features, while focusing on the AUT’s (Application Under Testing) service capability, market requirements, cross device, cross OS, cross platform, cross browser testing, compatibility testing, performance, stress, load, and security concerns.

Our decades worth of expert QA testing experience enables us to provide customized core testing services and deciding the best automation tools for testing web apps, mobile apps, systems, software and websites. We offer end-to-end core testing services and QA solutions for different types of testing services for our business customers across business verticals, industries and geographic locations. Powered by years of industry experience, our core testing services ensure thorough test governance and unparalleled quality assurance at every stages of the STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle).

Our model can be customized as per the customer’s requirements and business needs and its components can be independently employed to meet the specific needs of a project/team/organization.

CredibleSoft’s Core Testing Services

Application & Product Testing Services

We offer quality assurance and core testing services to transform your business goals.

Specialized Functional Testing (FT)
System and Integration Testing (SIT)
DevOps, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD) Oriented Agile Testing
Regression Testing (RT), Test Suite Development
– Usability Testing
User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
– Build Verification Testing (BVT), Test Suite Development
Functional Automated Testing, Test Framework Creation using tools like Selenium Web Driver

Mobile Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE)

We offer a wide range of Mobile Application testing services for a long list of various smart devices including form-factor classifications (Mobile Smartphones, Tablets, Phablets or Slates) using either virtual emulators, physical devices and different cloud services. For a complete list of devices matrix please refer to our Software Testing Solutions page.

Compatibility, GUI & Usability Testing
– Internationalization and Localization Testing
– App protocol conformance
– Screen & Keyboard Verification
– Network Simulation & Interruptions Testing
– Sound Profiles & Behaviour Checking
– Audio/Video Quality Checking
– Security & Synchronization Testing
– Uncontrolled field testing (Real world testing)
– Functional Automated Testing, Test Framework Creation using tools like Appium, Selendroid

Specialized Testing Services

We offer specialized testing services with higher-level of business success.

Performance, Stress and Load Testing
Security and Penetration Testing
– SAP and ERP Testing
SaaS Application Testing
Data Warehouse and ETL Testing
– Regulatory Compliance Testing
– SOA and Middleware Testing
– Accessibility Compliance Testing
– Cloud-Based Testing

Why Choose CredibleSoft’s Core Testing Services?

The reason why our customers and clients choose us as a preferred offshore core testing services partner for their outsourcing needs across multiple industries lies in our “quality first approach” to everything we do. The major advantages of our product testing services are as follows.

– We possess the required skills to understand and align ourselves with client’s business flow.
– We ensure thorough verification of software specifications and application requirements, both at system and integration level, thus guaranteeing reliable performance and a robust end-product.
– Continuous quality monitoring and compliance checks to identify even the most subtle defects.
– Unrelenting testing efforts to ensure all functional aspects, performance measures, usability parameters, boundary conditions, compatibility criteria etc for a reliable software product.