Enterprise S/W Development

Software Applications, Technology Solutions Built Uniquely for Your Needs

Be it a simple-enough software application or a very unique and complex business solution that you need to automate, CredibleSoft can provide your organization state of the art, end-to-end, custom software development services that are both reliable and cost-effective. To jump-start your project, we first analyze and understand the root-cause of each of our client’s problem and only then offer a step-by-step strategic plan to achieve their goals. Irrespective of the size, complexity and budget of your project, CredibleSoft is always eager to offer assistance at every stage of SDLC — starting from excellent business analysis and prototyping to design, development, quality assurance and finally, deployment of your business IT solution.

Be it a typical end-to-end software development project, or developing intermediary silo blocks in your existing software application system, CredibleSoft’s award winning custom software development services are aimed at delivering high quality technology solutions that are carefully built uniquely for your needs.

With CredibleSoft’s customer-centric Software Development services, your company can build software exactly according to your requirements. This can highly reduce the expenses towards purchasing several software licenses to satisfy your business needs and eliminate further expenses towards up-gradation and maintenance costs of those software. By offering a single Custom Software that is tailor-made and built to run according to your specific business specifications, CredibleSoft helps you cut down on multiple business expenses while making sure you get everything that you wanted in your business specification.

CredibleSoft Follows Agile S/W Development Approach

Over the past few years, agile software development has repeatedly shown its ability in delivering top-quality software applications that adhere to customer’s needs. CredibleSoft’s agile development model ensures high-quality code that is lot easier to maintain, adapt and upgrade. Our proven agile development practices like milestone-oriented frequent deliveries, super-flexible continuous integration, unit tested build deployment and automated regression test suites reduce project risk and avoid rework.

Moreover, agile projects are seen to be 3 times more successful than traditional projects that follow waterfall models. Our expertise in agile development enables us to deliver unprecedented business value to our clients all over the world.

While adopting agile design methodologies is essential, we have seen that for certain customers the transition phase is not always easy. A successful agile adoption requires changing of existing development practices and processes and there is no “one size fits all” best practice. But the good news is that, we can guide you through the agile transition process.

Project Delivery with High Flexibility and Speed

Depending on the context of the project at hand, our team of agile programmers follow the right combination of Extreme Programming (XP), Scrum, TDD (Test Driven Development) and Lean practices to ensure high-quality software applications faster and with more flexibility. Using an iterative and incremental approach, our highly efficient development teams are focused on producing functioning components of the application within shorter milestones, which are typically within 2-4 week cycles.

Our development labs are designed with prioritized continuous integration and test-driven development in mind. This enables us to develop software that is flexible enough for our customers to change but at the same time is also stable enough not to break when changed. With CredibleSoft’s agile software development, we place adaptability and flexibility in the driver’s seat and end-users are welcome to provide continuous feedback and work closely with developers at every step of the development process. Whether it’s undertaking new application development or transitioning an existing enterprise system, CredibleSoft has the required Agile software expertise to deliver fast results.

Agile Software Development Key Benefits

– Delivery is Driven by Business Value: By adopting Agile development, we at CredibleSoft prioritize and deliver software functionality according to the business value outlined by the customer. This ensures that the most important features are delivered faster.

Main Project Risks are Mitigated Sooner: Milestone-oriented shorter module delivery cycles help us to minimize batch complexity. This also helps identifying and eliminating project risks sooner.

Much Better Flexibility: The change-management approach of the Agile method helps us build the framework for faster assessment. This flexibility of our development process enables us to enhance and evolve the development framework as the needs and requirements of our customer evolve.

Continuous Integration

99.99% bug-free code is every programmer’s dream, we know! But it’s something we at CredibleSoft have been striving for and successfully delivering for years. This has been made possible by building in integrity to our development environment.

– CredibleSoft has a team of highly experienced software engineers who develop a custom-made, client-specific solution using a combination of technologies to create a end-to-end CI/CD pipeline.

– This enables with lot higher unit test coverage, automated unit and regression testing, continuous build integration and code deployment.

– When you have experienced our rock-star programmers building your software application, you can expect to get clean bug-free code that’s easy to expand and very inexpensive to maintain. Don’t let your disbelief hold you back. Try us!

Our Confidence Comes From Our Expertise

– As business requirements become increasingly diverse and complicated, it’s important that you can have confidence in the delivered project. With our expert agile development methodology driven development, you can always count on that.

– We help business organizations to serve their end users and customers better by helping them with solutions that deliver quantifiable value for their users.

– Our Agile software development approach is expertly applied across the project life-cycle to increase the speed of delivery while never compromising on product quality.

Our Custom Software Development Solutions:

SaaS applications
Full-Stack applications
PHP applications
.NET applications
– Java applications
– Database design and administration
– Software application re-engineering
– Application maintenance