Functional Testing Services

What is Functional Testing?

One of the most important software testing types, functional testing is a primary testing method of ensuring the functionality of software systems. This type of testing focuses on the functionality and desired functions of the application, and is intended to ensure the robustness of the final product that is delivered. As you can imagine, this type of software testing is performed to ensure the functionality of the application under test (AUT) and its relation to the end-users. Besides testing functionalities of the application, functional testing services also covers other important aspects of testing like usability, UX, accessibility, etc.

As one of the best functional testing companies in India and USA, CredibleSoft offers functional testing through meticulous examination and verification of all business functions, application features, and competence of the software application. Functional tests help in minimizing undetected defects that can potentially slip into production. To make sure that the functional areas of a software application is working as it should, this type of software testing is usually performed at all levels of software development life cycle (SDLC) process:

– Unit Testing
– Integration Testing
– System Testing
– Regression Testing
– User Acceptance Testing

Looking for the Best Functional Testing Company?

Look no further! We, at CredibleSoft, offer a wide array of expert services for performing quality assurance (QA) and testing of software systems and applications. We devise a robust functional testing strategy and provide personalized test plans. All the software testing solutions that we offer to our clients are custom-made to each of their needs and requirements. Our teams of rockstar testers are experienced in offering expert functional testing of even the most complex projects.

Our Functional Testing Services

CredibleSoft’s specialized Quality Assurance (QA) testing teams are experienced in offering top-quality Quality Assurance, functionality testing services and result-oriented software testing across different industries and verticals. We also ensure that the functional testing is carried out across multiple platforms like mobile, tablet, desktop, cloud, browsers and OS etc.

CASE STUDY: End-to-End QA Testing Services for Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Our software testing framework is well structured and matured over years of previous project experiences. Here are the different types of functional testing that we offer to our clients:

System Integration Testing (SIT)

– Ensures effective seamless functioning of a software application.
– Confirms the reliability between various modules and ensuring the functionality continue to work after they are integrated.

Regression Testing (RT)

– Ensure that the functionality of the software application continues to work even after each iterations.
– We make sure that any new defect that is identified during a particular iteration is added to the regression test suite so its reoccurrence can be prevented in future.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

– Ensures functionality are intact during the user acceptance phase.
– Making sure that the software application is as per the business requirements.

Functional Automated Testing (FAT)

– We use different software testing tools depending on the technology stack used by a particular software application.
Our test framework is robust and scalable. Thus our tests don’t break when there is a change/enhancement to your application.