Rapid Cross Browser Compatibility Testing

In today’s competitive market, releasing a highly functional product with great usability may not always be enough. It is also important that your software product and application is thoroughly tested for compatibility across all major currently available browser versions, heterogeneous devices, with different screen sizes/types and operating systems. The popularity of Responsive web applications mean that your application is expected to offer identical user experience in every possible device and browser combinations. For instance, to be able to certify a mobile application for iOS, and Android on just 2 devices on each platforms, 3 popular browsers spanning their latest 3 versions, you will end up testing the app on at least 36 combinations. In today’s highly agile, dev-ops and CI, CD oriented deployment environments and shorter deadlines,  it is literally impossible to manually perform compatibility testing of applications across hundreds of such combinations. To ensure faster testing turn-around time and accuracy, therefore you need a robust Cross Browser Test Automation Framework to Accelerate Compatibility Testing.

Advantages of CredibleSoft’s Cross Browser Test Automation Accelerator

There can be a number of reasons why a website, web or mobile application that looks and functions as expected on one browser may fail to do so on another. With the ever increasing user base of mobile and tablet user base this challenge is even greater. As a business owner, hence you would want to ensure that your application is compatible across all major browsers, devices, platforms and operating systems.

CredibleSoft’s cross browser test automation accelerator has been developed with scalability and self-healing maintainability in mind. With modern web applications able to support multiple browsers, screen types, resolutions, platforms and operating systems, we see no reason why the automation framework and test scripts that tests them should be any less responsive (read as “adaptable”).

Our accelerator engine uses Selenium WebDriver, RemoteDriver and Appium under the hood. Thus, it doesn’t matter whether you have an enterprise application, website, a web application, a cloud-hosted SaaS application or a mobile application – our test accelerator can perform cross compatibility testing on all of them.

Over the years, we have learned from each cross browser automation projects that we have worked with. This has helped us build a super-intelligent routing architecture in our Accelerator that offers unbelievably rapid yet accurate browser-based acceleration. Our routing architecture helps CredibleSoft automation engineers to write intelligent automation scripts once that can be executed as many times as needed – on multiple combinations of browsers, devices, platforms and operating systems.

The accelerator has in-built reusable libraries that help kick-start automation efforts and its framework enables easier portability of test scripts across multiple test environments. Thus our Accelerator helps automate and speed up browser compatibility testing. Our Cross Browser Test Automation Accelerator solution can be easily integrated with any one of the three leading cloud-based solutions that offer test execution on various combinations of OS/Platforms and Browsers. Thus our framework supports tests to be executed on over 300+ browsers and platforms combinations.

CredibleSoft’s cross browser test automation accelerator thus ensures that your mobile and web applications are compatibility tested and offer a consistent user experience across all browser combinations that your users use.

Why Choose CredibleSoft’s Cross Browser Test Automation Accelerator?

CredibleSoft’s cross browser compatibility test automation accelerator helps creation of test scripts once that can be executed several times. This means the same Selenium and Appium scripts can be used for test execution on multiple combinations of browsers, devices, and platforms. The tool has been built and matured over the years and has been used with many large-scale and complex web and mobile applications. Our test accelerator provides reusable libraries to quickly start test automation efforts and its routing architecture help with easier portability of scripts across test environments. This results in rapid and accurate browser compatibility testing.

Our test accelerator is integrated with popular cloud-based solutions and thus supports tests to be executed on 300+ latest devices, browsers versions and OSes.

Key Features of Cross Browser Test Accelerator

– Supports cross browser test automation of websites, web applications and mobile applications.
– Can test all types of applications, irrespective of their technology stack and programming language etc.
– Supports parallel test execution across devices and browsers.
– Has built-in responsive web accelerator for testing UI elements.
– Has reusable test libraries to quickly start automation efforts.
– Efficient run-time analysis that provides comparison of expected VS actual test results.
– Has built-in error reporting module for easy debugging.
– Can auto launch browsers, both on virtual machines (VMs) as well as on the cloud.
– Supports cross platform (mobile and web) and cross OS (Window, Mac and Linux) test automation.
– Super-intelligent routing architecture that speeds up test script writing.