Top 5 Best Test Management Tools in 2024 (Review)

Looking for some free or paid best test management tools online for managing your project’s test case creation, storage, management, execution and reporting? Wondering what are some of the best test management systems in 2024? Confused about what capabilities and features an organization should look for when selecting a good test management tool in the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic when organisations are looking at hybrid and work from home working models?

Though there are plenty of open source test management software available, the ones that are popular and best are often subscription-based or paid. So finding free testing software for undertaking test management or some free test plan tools can be a challenge. In this tutorial on different test management tools we’ll offer you a comprehensive overview of what it means when one refers to such test case writing tools, their salient features along with the list of top 5 best test management tools that are currently popular in the market.

Benefits and Advantages of Using a Test Management Tool

But do we really need to use a Test Management Tool? There are several clear benefits of using a good test management software. The benefits are — better collaboration, tighter integration, communication, reusability, traceability, reporting and dashboards.

Top 5 Best Test Management Tools in 2020

Whether it is about accurately capturing the business requirements from the functional specification document and converting them to test cases while maintaining a near 100% test coverage, or the mere action of designing test cases, performing test execution, generating test summary reports, informing project stakeholders and fellow team members about progress of testing etc. a good test management tool is required. Even minor oversights in capturing these details may lead to serious and catastrophic effect and even failure of the project. So, to manage all such activities, a good test management tool can prove to be highly useful.

Top 5 Best Test Management Tools For Testers

A good test management software must tick all (or most) of the following boxes; easy installation (if sold as a product) or on boarding (if sold as a SaaS), adequate reporting system, a robust defect tracking system, an easy to use import-export system, and most importantly, a good test case management tool must be compatible with other popular test management tools in case you decide to migrate to another testing tool in future. Let’s review and evaluate some of the most popular Free and Paid Test Management Software this year.

1. TestRail

If you are not a big fan of installing test management tools, then TestRail can be your preferred tool here. TestRail offers comprehensive, cloud-based test case management application on a SaaS model or on-premise installation options to help testing teams organize their overall quality assurance efforts and get actionable and real-time insights into the team’s testing efforts.

– End-to-end test case management.
– Track the status of overall test execution at individual test level.
– Interactive dashboards with actionable insights and activity reports.
– Compare test summary and reports across multiple test runs, test configurations, and milestones etc.
– Track testing team’s workload to reallocate resources and assignments.
– Highly customizable custom reporting.
– Integration with third-party defect tracking and collaboration tools and software such as Atlassian Jira, FogBugz, Bugzilla, Axosoft, GitHub, and TFS.
– Integration with third-party test automation tools such as Ranorex Studio.

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– No in-built defect management module to manage issues (Requires 3rd party integration such as Atlassian Jira).
– No requirements tracking feature to map test cases and capture traceability.
– No integration support for popular automation testing tools such as Selenium or Appium.
– No mobile app to facilitate project management on the go.

2. SpiraTest

This is another popular software test management software that offers most of the must-have features such as test project creation, assigning testing team member role, creating test plans, test suites and test cases, requirement planning, managing test execution runs, test report generation, bug tracking, importing and exporting, seamless integrations with third-party apps, software development kit (SDK) and crash reporting, automatic build and a mobile app. This helps with effective execution of your overall software testing efforts.

– Manage comprehensive testing with Qtest starting from requirements planning to test cases, test case execution and defect tracking.
– Easy customization of different fields and test execution reports.
– Test automation support and integrations with other 3rd party tools.
CI-CD integrations are also available.

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– No SDK feature or crash reporting when it comes to mobile app testing.
– No Mobile app to manage test plans and log bugs.
– No In-app support available.


QAComplete is a product of Smart Bear team and really sets the benchmark for all good test management tools. QAComplete offers a seamless integration with other popular QA tools like Bugzilla, JIRA, TestComplete, Jenkins, Soap UI etc. Whether you’re practicing an agile or waterfall software development methodology, QAComplete effortlessly adapts to all your quality assurance processes.

– Supports Manual as well as Automated Testing.
– Covers each areas of test management such as requirements planning, defect management, test case management etc.
– Excellent tool for Agile teams.
– Custom reporting for every type of test executions.

– No in-app support.
– No mobile app to log bugs.
– No SDK available for mobile app testing.

4. qTest Manager

A product of QASymphony, qTest Manager is another famous QA management tools among software testers. This is a great tool to assist the entire testing team with every areas of test management. The interface of qTest is user-friendly and easy to use.

– Manage comprehensive end-to-end testing with Qtest from requirements planning to test cases management and test execution and bug tracking.
– Easy customization of different fields and test execution reports.
– Test automation support and integrations with other 3rd party tools.
– CI-CD integrations are also available.

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– No SDK feature or crash reporting when it comes to mobile app testing.
– No Mobile app to manage test plans and log bugs.
– No In-app support available.

5. Zephyr

Though not a standalone test management app in itself, Zephyr is a great plugin that turns Atlassian Jira, the popular defect tracking software, into a more complete QA management app by introducing the test case management capabilities. Though Jira has some test case writing abilities, combining it with Zephyr turns it into a more complete test management tool. Zephyr offers features such as test plan creation, test suites and test cases creation, executing test runs, generating test summary reports, and logging defects directly in Jira, if a test execution fails.

– Manage all your test management management activities from a single tool.
– Import & Export requirements, test cases, defects etc.
– Create, Manage and Execute your Manual & Automated testing from a single tool.
– Supports CI-CD and other 3rd party integrations including test automation tools such as Selenium.
– Mobile App to view the latest insights, track team’s progress, log & assign defects on the go.

– Limited number of integrations with third-party testing tools.
– No in-app support.


Choosing a good end-to-end QA management software often depends on your requirement as each of these test management tools come with their own strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, selecting the best test management tool is just the first step in an organization’s testing process. Next challenge that many organizations face these days is to build a robust testing framework that can leverage the selected testing tool and offer optimum ROI. With our unique QA solutions CredibleSoft has emerged as a leading software test automation company to help you overcome those challenges.

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