Top 5 Best Cross Browser Testing Tools in 2024 (FREE & Paid)

Are you searching for a comprehensive list of the latest and the best Cross Browser Testing Tools to perform website Cross Browser Compatibility Testing across various web browsers, devices, screen resolutions and operating systems spanning several versions? Read on. In today’s fast paced market, while it is very important to understand why cross browser testing is important to you let’s first see what cross browser testing is.

What is cross-browser testing?

Cross Browser Testing is a type of software testing approach to test web applications across different types of browsers. In essence, cross browser testing involves testing the compatibility of your web application against multiple web browsers and ensuring that your web application performs correctly across different types of web browsers running on different devices and OS (operating systems) / platforms. There are several free and paid cross browser test tools that are currently available in the market. While selecting the best cross browser testing tool for your needs look out for tools that provide out-of-the-box advanced features, such as pixel-perfect screenshot comparison, live video recording / comparison and advanced-level assertions.

Cross Browser Testing Checklist to Ensure Cross Browser Compatibility

A) Code Validation: Things like CSS validation, HTML or XHTML validation, error codes in browser consoles, page validations with and without JavaScript enabled etc.
B) Performance Testing: Testing to ascertain whether the website is loading slow, or even causing crashes in certain web browsers (with different versions) such as Internet Explorer, IE Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

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C) Responsive Design: Testing to ensure that the web design is consistently responsive across different screen sizes (mobile, tablet and desktop), screen resolutions, device types and platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android).
D) UI Inconsistencies: Testing to identify other design flaws when viewed in different browsers and devices.
E) Test Coverage: To ensure you are testing across the usual OSs, browsers and devices.

Top 5 Latest & Best Cross Browser Compatibility Testing Tools in 2024

While there is a plethora of cross browser testing tools (free and paid) available today to check your website and web app for cross browser compatibility, here is the list of top rated and best tools to facilitate expert cross browser testing.

1. CrossBrowserTesting.Com (by SmartBear)

Pricing: Starts $29/mo

They want to make every web experience perfect on any browser or mobile device. With their ability to run automated, visual, and manual tests across a whooping 2050+ real browsers and mobile devices, they are one of the very best in business of cross compatibility testing. They support Manual, Visual, Selenium and Appium Tests in the cloud while giving you the option to choose from over 2050+ real desktop and mobile browsers.

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They also has many advanced features such as: localhost support, automated screesnshot capture and compare feature, testing behind logins etc. CrossBrowserTesting also offers users the ability to compare versions (via live testing or screenshot), run parallel tests (or take multiple screenshots) at once, and also share the test results.

2) BrowserStack

Pricing: Starts $12.50/mo for Freelancers and $29/mo (Regular Users)

With immediate access to over 2,000+ web browsers running across a comprehensive stack of real Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices, BrowserStack is a well-known cross compatibility tool that has been in this business for quite a while and quite popular too.

With complete access to all types of browser extensions and developer tools such as Chrome Dev Tools and Firefox FireBug, the ability to interact with mobile and tablet devices using gestures, swipe motions etc, and with support to natively debug front-end errors, BrowserStack isn’t much different from CrossBrowserTesting but if the number of supported browsers is important to you, you might choose CrossBrowserTesting over BrowserStack as the former supports about 50+ more browsers.

Although these features above are pretty much comparable to CrossBrowserTesting, what really sets BrowserStack apart is that you can start as low as $12.50/mo, a plan offered to freelancers – with lighter functionality (screenshots not included in this plan).

3) Sauce Labs

Pricing: Starts $19/mo

They’ve been around a while, and with over 800+ supported browsers they claim to have “the world’s largest continuous testing cloud,”.

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You can automate your tests with Selenium in their cloud to increase coverage, improve quality and shorten test times to speed releases. They support most of the popular web browsers (Internet Explorer, Edge, FireFox, Safari and Chrome browsers) and platforms (Windows, MacOS and Linux OSes).

4) Browserling

Pricing: Starts $19/mo

They may not offer an as comprehensive list of supported browsers as some of the other competitors but they are one of the cheaper cross browser testing tools at just $19/mo (overtaken by only Sauce Labs in terms of features and list of supported browsers). Don’t let Browserling’s simplistic website design fool you. If your team doesn’t need automated cross browser testing, Browserling is a cost-effective option. They also support browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

5) Experitest

Pricing: FREEMIUM (Limited FREE Plan, Premium Plan Starts $9/mo)

Experitest offers pretty standard cross browser compatibility testing features. With reduced costs starting at just $9/mo, and an attractive freemium option, Experitest proved to be one of the cheapest cross browser testing tools available in market today.

That being said, Experitest doesn’t feel as feature-rich and extensive as some of the other cross compatibility testing tools we have reviewed. Hence, choose Experitest as your preferred cross browser testing tool only if you’re on a tight budget.


Choosing a good cross platform testing tool often depends on your requirement as each of these browser compatibility checking tools come with their own strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, selecting the best cross browser testing tool is just the first step in an organization’s test automation process. Next challenge that many organizations face these days is to build a test automation framework that can leverage the selected cross platform testing service and offer optimum ROI. With our cross browser test automation accelerator framework, CredibleSoft has emerged as a leading software test automation company to help you overcome those challenges.

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If you are an organization that is looking for some expert cross browser compatibility testing services to be outsourced at the best possible price ranges, then use this form to request an estimation and we’ll prepare and share the same with you free of cost.