Comprehensive Guide on How to Test Websites & Web Applications

Wondering how to test a Website or Web Application? Are you looking to learn how to create Web App Test Plans, how to identify Web Testing Scenarios and how to generate effective Website Test Cases? In today’s digital world, your website and web applications represent your brand. Your potential customers and users will visit them when they are researching about your brand and company / organization. Hence, your website and web apps are the first things that create the first impression about your business.

But simply having a website or web app is not enough. The website needs to be informative, responsive, accessible and highly user-friendly. To ensure all these qualities, the website and the web application should be thoroughly tested. This process of testing a website or a web application is called as web testing. As you can imagine, website and web app testing are a very important part of software testing efforts.

What is Web Testing?

Web testing is a software testing method, in order to perform testing of websites or web applications and minimize potential bugs. In this type of testing process, a web-based application undergoes comprehensive end-to-end testing before it can go live for end users.

In other words, Web testing is performed to identify bugs, defects and website issues that might have a potentially negative effect on the website or web application.

How to Test Web Application (Website Testing Test Cases / Checklists):

To do website and web application testing comprehensively, the following types of testing techniques needs to be performed.

1) Functionality testing
2) Usability & User Experience (UX) testing
3) Cross Browser, Cross Device, Cross Platform Compatibility testing
4) Performance, Load and Stress testing
5) VAPT and Security testing

Web Functional Testing Checklist

– Check whether latest techniques of HTML5 and CSS3 is followed or not.
– Validate different form fields in the webpages such as drop-downs, text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, links, combo box inputs, etc.
– Validate that the internal links are correctly linked to the intended pages of your websites and open as expected.
– Validate that the external links are correctly linked to the intended pages of external websites and open as expected.
– Ensure the links that are sent in various emails (via email templates) work.
– Validate that there are no broken links that result in 404 errors.

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– Validate that the each of the web forms are easy to use and that the data entered by end users, is properly captured.
– Ensure that the database is optimized to handle all the web transactions.
– Perform Cookie testing to ensure enhanced security of your web users.
– Error messages should be unambiguous and easily understandable.
– The required and optional fields should be properly handled.
– Perform authentication and authorization testing for proper storing / sharing of sensitive data.

Web Usability Testing Checklist

– Inspect font size, letter spacing and spacing between lines is sufficient to ensure easy readability.
– Ensure that no outdated technology such as Flash or Add-ons are used. If such technology is detected being used then those should be replaced with latest cross-platform compatible technologies.
– Validate the proper usage of ALT tag attributes for all images.
– In case of broken internal links, a user friendly 404 page should have been set up.
– Verify the correct placement of the website logo.
– Verify the correct placement of the website tagline.
– Validate the contact details and contact forms.
– Ensure that the navigation menu is intuitive for the users.

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– Ensure sure that the navigation menu titles are clear and user-friendly.
– Validate the proper usage of buttons and links for easy navigation.
– Ensure that the website logo is linked with the home page URL.
– Validate the proper positioning and usability of the site search feature.
– Validate the proper use of heading tags like H1, H2, etc.
– Ensure that important content is displayed above the page fold.
– Make sure that consistent usage of site theme (font styles, font family, weight, and color etc) has been followed across the website.

Web Compatibility Testing Checklist

– Test the site across popular browsers and its latest versions.
– Test the site across popular OS (operating systems) and its latest versions.
– Test the site across popular platforms and its latest versions.
– Test the site across popular devices (desktops, tablets, smartphones) and its latest versions.
– Test the site across hardware configurations.
– Test the site across network environments.
– Test the site across screen resolutions.

Web Performance Testing Checklist

– Validate to ensure that site’s load-time is reasonable.
– Test the website for attributes such as site speed, responsiveness, stability, robustness, scalability, etc. under various load conditions.

Web Security Testing Checklist

– Validate the website for password cracking.
– Test the website for vulnerability assessment.
– Validate the website for URL injection.
– Validate the website for SQL injection.
– Validate the website for Cross Site Scripting (XSS).


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