Why CredibleSoft?

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CredibleSoft Value Proposition

We at CredibleSoft believe in helping our client organizations transform into powerful digital enterprises, so they always have a clear edge when it comes to be compared with their competitors and can engage better with their end users, customers and employees. As the competitive nature of IT industry continues to intensify, more and more businesses organizations are turning to outsourcing for their day-to-day business needs as it is allowing them to have cost-effective software solutions at much reduced operating costs. And we at Credible IT Solutions can help you do just that through our Reliable and Trustworthy Outsourcing services that are Cost-Effective and Affordable.

Here are Some Reasons Why Customers Choose CredibleSoft:

We understand that we are not the only software development outsourcing vendors out here. CredibleSoft is just one of the so many Outsourcing Software Development (OSD) providers in the market. Why would you choose CredibleSoft from the crowd? It’s because, we strongly believe we have got something to offer your business that not many software services vendors out there can provide.

» We Know IT (Information Technology)

With decades worth of experience in the field of software development and building mobile applications, we have a reputation of creating high quality, genius products, performing air-tight testing and delivering amazing software products. Whatever your business requirements, our time-tested methods will be customized to work well in your field. Let’s just say, we know how to deliver results that work. We’re a team of motivated professionals who are experts in our field and we will dedicate our time, efforts, and skills to meet your business goals—on time and on budget.

» An Obsession with Great Quality Software

Usually, custom software vendors specialize in a particular industry or in a particular field or technology. We, however, decided to become experts in the craft of building and delivering great quality software. We are highly flexible, always improving, and our passion to build great software naturally helps your business.

» We Love to Solve Problems

We are all about solving our customer’s business problems and are always up for new technological challenges. We love to figure out how things work, come up with intelligent solutions and how to make them simpler, better and faster. From developing CRMs to ERPs to financial management applications to government apps to e-Commerce portals, we love solving them all!

» Highly Flexible Agile Process

Even though you may not realize it now, the fact remains that your project will change as it evolves. We have taught ourselves to adjust to that change. Our process is based on Agile Methodologies and is designed to deliver awesome software through short, measurable, development iterations (that are usually of 1 or 2 weeks in length). We let our customers prioritize each iteration’s features. And only then, we design, build, test, and deliver incremental releases of the product. This approach minimizes the customer’s financial and business risks.

» We Put End-Users at the Driver’s Seat

Despite of our coding abilities, we’re much more than just code junkies. We’re a software development company that cares how a product works for its end-users. We believe that irrespective of its complexity, your custom software should NOT be difficult to comprehend or confusing to use. We’re always coming up with innovative new ways to implement great, highly user-friendly designs into great software.

» Rigorous Software Testing to Ensure High Quality Software

As a principle, we never release anything that isn’t properly tested. At CredibleSoft, testing begins even before coding does. Our developers write unit tests before they write the production software. This Test Driven Development (TDD) ensures that your software is as flawless as humanly possible. And for those elusive little issues that slip past this phase are eventually caught by our award winning testers who are always in look out to find challenging bugs that might be lurking in the dark.

By Choosing Us, as a Business Owner You Can be Sure That:

  • Our technology solutions will help your business in achieving your goals and with clear, measurable , positive results.
  • We value our partnership with our clients and take ownership of their business goals.
  • We foster innovative solutions and encourage professional competence.
  • We employ time-proven software development processes that will suit best for your ‘context’, to ensure a quality product.
  • Our knowledge and expertise are well-supported by previous customers and clients.

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