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CredibleSoft™ Success Stories (Client Testimonials)

“CredibleSoft have been excellent to work with. Their excellent communication skills always let me know when things would be started and completed, where things stood, and proactively let me know of any developing issues.

Also, they were able to work collaboratively with the on-site development team, and other members of the QA team as they came online for various parts of the project. Throughout the length of the contract, they did a great job of ensuring the quality of the software was at the highest levels.

Their defect reporting was extremely clear, their regression testing solid, and their acceptance testing excellent. A final remark — CredibleSoft team’s excellence in documentation, AND flexibility to wear many hats from a QA role were beyond compare. Many, many thanks — and I look forward to working with them again.”

– Andreas Drath, Founder and Principal, Quickalytics.com

“CredibleSoft did an exceptional job of QA testing our website. We have worked with them several times in the past and will continue to work with them in the future because of the high quality of their work and the ability to meet deadlines. Thanks!”

– Robert Kosma, Product Delivery Manager, HCL

“CredibleSoft did an excellent job, meant their commitments and demonstrated excellent communication skills. Will definitely use them on future projects”

– Mike Honner, VP & Managing Partner, LevelSetSolutions.com

“CredibleSoft did a great job. Our applications had a lot of subtle pieces and the team was able to dig right in and start discovering what pieces worked and what items might be defective. Highly recommended.”

– Paul Onnen, Product Manager, 3DHawaii.com and 3DLasVegas.com

“CredibleSoft was a great find. We had tried a few testers before who didn’t quite get the big picture of the project. But CredibleSoft QA team got the big picture AND the small picture, and was able to rigorously identify, test, and ticket a long list of issues, with stellar communication and follow-up. I would highly recommend them to others and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Overall, they did a great job, on time and on budget – very happy with the result and will definitely hire again!”

– Polina, Project Manager, Al Digital

“CredibleSoft’s QA team worked for us for a large number of hours. The best part about their service to us was the number of hours they were able to apply in a short period of time in order to complete large amounts of work to meet our deadlines. They were one of three testing teams we had working for us concurrently, and by far completed the most amount of work over the same period.

I would recommend them for all your QA work, particularly if you are required to meet strict deadlines.”

– Steve Burman, Product Manager, AmicusPOS.com

“Well Done folks,

It was Excellent working with you! Your expert QA and Testing skills saved the day!”

– Romuald Andrade, Product Owner, KeshStyle

“CredibleSoft team was great! From the very beginning, they understood what we needed, asked the right questions so that we were all on the right page, and then they delivered excellent results every week. We used them for many weeks to test our new software. They provided up status updates frequently so that we always knew where the program stood.

In short, they are terrific and the team was diligent, persistent, responsive, and committed to all aspects of our site before launch. I recommend them to anyone looking for quality assurance work, and I hope to hire them again when we are ready for additional testing work.”

– Andrew Bernstein, Founder of ActivInsight, ResilienceAcademy.com and author of “The Myth of Stress”.

“CredibleSoft has a great team of highly skilled senior software testers. During this project we had them manage other software testers on our behalf and we could not fault their professionalism and quality that they apply to every facet of our engagement with them.

They are a huge asset to any organization that is needing to apply QA to their software delivery.

We will definitely be working with them again.”

– Damian Smith, MD & Lincoln Portbury, Director, AssetVision.com.au