Software Testing and Test Automation

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Looking for the Best Software Testing Services, Skilled Test Automation Solutions or Affordable QA Services that don’t compromise on Quality? Look no further! CredibleSoft’s incredible QA team strives to provide intelligent solutions to complex problems involving software quality assurance and software testing. Our reliable and highly cost-effective software testing services solutions are built around skilled, rapid exploratory testing methodologies and we offer end-to-end product release testing services, automation testing (Selenium, TestNG, Appium, Maven, Cross Browser Testing, BrowserStack), web application testing, mobile app testing, usability testing and more.The demand for trust-worthy Software Testing and SQA services has increased tremendously for enterprises today. In an ever-evolving technology era the growing dominance of complex technologies like cloud, virtualization and mobile technology have made huge impact that requires evolution in your testing approach, methodology and everything in between.

Headed by a team of brilliant QA professionals with decades worth of exclusive experience in the field of testing and software quality assurance, we at CredibleSoft™ help you test your software better. CredibleSoft’s unparalleled QA, Testing Services are lead by a strong leadership of testing experts and have been applauded for its wide spectrum of testing services, quality of testing personnel and vast delivery capabilities.

Why to Choose CredibleSoft’s Testing Services?

Our context-oriented, customer-centric, scripted+exploratory testing practices offer a comprehensive set of cost-effective software testing services that includes test consultation, functional, usability, test automation (Selenium, Appium, TestNG, Maven and more), performance, load and other specialized testing.

» Unique Test Framework

Our unique test process framework is a result of various experiential knowledge, current technological trends and advanced trainings. Thus, our testing process provides critical metrics and important project related indicators that help in preventive course-correction and proactive decision making and hence helps in:

  • Reducing the number of critical defects that impact end-user experience and business use of the software under test
  • Delivering a stable and error-free application in production
  • Significantly improving the overall Quality of the application

» Reduced “Total Cost of Quality”

We have been helping our clients worldwide to manage critical software testing processes and to plan their test investments. This helps our customers in a big way to reduce the total cost of producing great quality software. Our testing center of excellence and Test Lab empowers us to offer innovative testing solutions to our client’s testing problems.

» Agile Testing Practice

We practice a highly flexible, client-focused, agile testing methodology. This “we must succeed” approach to our every engagement results in higher customer satisfaction and repeat business. We have an unparalleled track record of delivering our testing projects on-time and on-budget.

» Wide Range of Test Machines

Our test labs are well equipped with a broad range of testing environments to support wide testing spectrum. Our test machines run all sorts of Windows operating systems (starting from Win 2000 right up to the latest Win 8.1 and Win 10), MacBook Pro, MacBook Air (with latest Mac OS X) and are equipped with all types of widely used modern browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera etc) and their various versions.

» Equipped with an Efficient Mobile Test Lab

Similarly we have all popular gadgets (smartphone models and tablets) running all 3 popular mobile OS (iOS, Android and Windows mobile) with their build versions spanning over the past 4 years, and including their most recent versions.

So with CredibleSoft, you can always be sure that compatibility testing and test coverage for multi-device support is never going to be a problem for your application.

Our On-Demand Software Testing Solutions:

  • Intelligent Software Testing Solutions that are flexible to meet your requirements and budget
  • SQA Consulting
  • Test Automation involving both Functional as well as Performance testing
  • Mobile application testing (iOS, Android and Windows)
  • QA Staffing